Tom & Wanda Clarke of WSC/DPS are now offering on site raku workshops. These are make & take workshops. So, during the workshop bisque pieces will be glazed, fired, smoked, cooled and ready to take home in a matter of 2 or 3 hours.

1 or 2 day workshops work very well.

We have two raku kilns, so we fire at least 50 to 80 pieces of medium size (about 5" to 6" base, 6" to 12" Height) per eight-hour day. The average turn around time on a load is 1 to1½ hours. Additional firing is charged per piece over the maximum. This is usually an all day process. Weekday and weekend times are available. We can even fire into the night when needed.


    1. The workshop includes raku firing demonstrations and instructions.
    1. Glazing application techniques and suggestions of glaze combinations are taught. We provide glazes, brushes, base & transwax. You may use any glaze you have developed or purchased, though we may not know what results we will get with other products.
    1. We bring our propane tanks, fire pits, cover cans and combustible materials. You need only provide an adequate level firing area, concrete or gravel (even grass if need be). In case of bad weather, a large enclosed garage or shed is a good back up location.
    1. If we are building and delivering your raku setup, we will fire your kiln and give you complete operational instructions during the workshop.
    1. SAFETY – As we are playing with fire and smoke, we recommend that parents of minors are informed. We prefer to do most of the pot removal from the kilns ourselves. Participants will be invited to help in the covering process. Our propane tanks and hoses meet the South Dakota Fire Regulations. We have set up material to rope off our fire area. The Raku process produces a certain amount of smoke so you may want to inform your local fire department and 911 operations. In some locations a burning permit is needed. After several years of firing, we have never had a workshop participant burned or injured, though they do usually go home smelling like they have been sitting around a campfire. Remember, we cannot control the wind, so be sure all participants are ready for a smoky environment.
    1. All hand built and thrown pieces must be made out of Raku Clay. This is due to the extra firing time and loss if other clay bodies are used. Low fire cast ceramic pieces also work well. Try not to cast the pieces too heavy. The pieces should be bisque fired to cone 08 or 1770 degrees F. Bisque firing too hot will result in a lot of cracking and loss of pieces. Good construction on hand built pieces is important for successful firing. If the pieces are too cracked, they can fall apart and ruin other pieces in the kiln. Be sure pieces are not over 1" thick. If too thick, the best color results are not obtained.
    1. Size of Pieces: Please limit flat pieces to not over 20". The largest single piece our kilns and cover cans will allow is a 20" base and 29" height. Please remember that pieces this size will take up a lot of space and will reduce the number of pieces fired each day.
    1. The glazes are usually applied with a soft glaze or fan brush. They can be sprayed also. Please let us know if you have a spray booth and want to spray some of the glazes. If you want the participants to do a lot of design work on the pieces, this procedure should be done ahead of the seminar. Contact us for the details on this topic. We will many times send glazes ahead to get the first pieces ready to go. Remember we do bring all the glazes with us.


(Host needs to supply)

Disposable gloves to protect hands during glazing.

Paper towels or hand towels.

Tables or work area to glaze on. (We prefer this be covered.)

Extra help for unloading, helping in pits & reloading.


Tom and Wanda Clarke of West Sioux Ceramics/Dakota Potters Supply have been in the Ceramic Industry for over 30 years. Through the years we have developed a special understanding of the needs of ceramists, potters & teachers. We enjoy working with our clients. Tom is an excellent potter and will gladly do a wheel demonstration during the workshop. WSC/DPS is now producing custom built Raku kilns.

Our "Fire Top" kilns are available in standard sizes or built to your specifications.

Allow 4 – 6 weeks for delivery.

We also carry all the raku supplies you may need.

Check out our new Catalog or visit us online at www.dakotapotters.com.

Please give us a call to set up the date for your workshop.


1ST Day … $650.00 Additional Days … $600.00 Per Day.

Mileage … $.57 per mile with $40.00 minimum

Miles based on round trip.

Travel day(s) expenses will be negotiated if required due to long distance travel.

Motel expenses are extra and can be discussed as needed.

Meals are not required.

A Lunch Break of ½ hour will be taken.

Tom & Wanda Clarke

West Sioux Ceramics/Dakota Potters Supply

2315 West Madison

Sioux Falls, SD 57104

PH: 605-332-1946 Fax: 605-332-2729

Email: dakotapotters@sio.midco.net

Web site: www.dakotapotters.com














Books - 10% - 20% based on publication

Tools purchased for workshop - 40% discount

Brushes you might want or sell - 40-50% discount

Tom’s finished or bisque pieces - 20% commission

Firing on extra pieces - $8 - $30 depending on size

Special pricing on pug clay - (call for pricing)

We can provide a sheet for each participant to help us keep track oftheextra pieces and pricing for firing. Please request sheets if needed.

Note: On request, Tom will provide thrown bisque pottery that is ready to glaze. These are usually quite popular at workshops. Priced from $5 up.